Tri-County Patriots for Independent Living affirms Liberty and Justice for all people with disabilities.

A Center for Independent Living that advocates for the civil rights for people with disabilities and promotes living well with a disability in our local community. We are a membership organization of people who live in our community with disabilities and our friends. Our center provides services such as peer support and attendant care. Join us!

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Current Issues of Interest/HOT ITEMS

Consumer Healthcare Coalition and Enroll America at TRIPIL, 12/19

The Consumer Healthcare Coalition and Enroll America will be at Tri-County Patriots for Independent Living (TRIPIL) headquarters on Friday, December 19, from 9 am - 5 pm, with five staff to provide enrollment assistance in Healthy PA and the Market Place to consumers, attendants, staff, and the public.

TRIPIL is located at 69 East Beau Street, Washington. For scheduling an enrollment assistance appointment, please contact John Moore at 724-223-5115, ext 187. Anyone attending an enrollment appointment MUST bring their last year's tax return.

Seeking independence and self-empowerment through employment?

CLICK HERE for information about job search support services through TRIPIL'S Employment Network!

TRIPIL Fundraising for Rehabilitiation of Washington YWCA For New Headquarters

YWCA - Click for Updates        

Community Relation Plan and Analysis of Brownfield Cleanup Alternative for the former YWCA property

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"Information IS power, but only when you give it away. Be the givers of power."
Roland W. Sykes
Mentor to TRIPIL, regarding Independent Living Centers, 4/26/2001
Roland's message to TRIPIL
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